Indian Head Cabernet (Jane) has done it again! Jane and Jared Tapero won the Paul Brock Shooting Dog Classic. Jane out-performed 30 dogs in a one hour stake. Once again this team has made us proud! Jane was also the Runner Up Champion for the American Field Western Open All Age Championship near Redrock, NV in April 2013. She was the Champion at this trial in the two previous years as well. Jane is a daughter of Diehard Desperado and Desert Storm. Jared has done a great job with Jane and we are proud to have her in his hands. Congratulations Jared!

Regretably, we lost Hawk (Diehard Blackhawk) last summer. He had inhaled or ingested a grain seed causing a puncture in his airway. It was a tough decision, but with no guarantees for survival after an extensive surgery, we decided to have him put down. We miss him sorely, but on the positive side he sired three really nice litters this spring. We are enjoying his pups and are excited to see how they turn out. Hawks daughter Jay Jay is showing a ton of promise. She has competed in numerous jackpot type shoots and has several placements and wins already. She is snappy, classy, and has a great nose to go with it. She is a really fun pup to watch and is also a great chukar dog. Here next step is to compete in NSTRA trials. Three of her siblings have also begun to compete and have been successful as well.

Located in the high desert of northeast California, Diehard Gundogs is committed to producing premium upland bird dogs through genetics and training. First and foremost we are avid chukar hunters. We hunt our dogs on wild chukar, quail and pheasant from October though February then keep the dogs going on bird clubs and our own birds the rest of the year.

Our goal is to continually try to improve the breed by choosing quality dogs for our breeding stock. We make our selections based on several criteria including: outstanding noses, great conformation, superior intelligence, and pleasing dispositions.

We are members of the Honey Lake Pointing Dog Club, North American Gun Dog Association, Northern California-Nevada Region of the National Shoot to Retrieve Association and are affiliated with Wild West Shootout. We have been successfully participating in field trials since 2008.

When looking at our dogs on this site, click on the "Printable Pedigree" link to see a more complete pedigree than what shows on the screen.

Please give us a call. Whether you are looking for a pup, need some training, or just want to talk about bird dogs and hunting, we look forward to meeting you.

Fred and Jennifer Bird

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