Fred and Jen, I can’t thank you guys enough for the training that you have given to my son Derek and his dog Trigger. They have both come such a long way since last season. Your dedication to what you do with every dog isawesome. It seems like all dogs have a different personality, and you recognize that and use that to train them. When we brought Trigger to you guys, we thought we ruined him by taking him out hunting to early. You guys picked up on his personality, and what was wrong with him and fixed it. In the mean time you also taught Derek some valuable lessons about his dog and how to train him. Know they both have turned out to be an awesome pair. We owe that all to you guys. Once again thank you guys for everything.
Bill, Derek, and Trigger

Thank you Die Hard Gun Dogs!!

Kolby was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on November 12, 2013, after he was originally diagnosed with Mono. We have learned through our travels that Mono can be a false positive for most cancers, but mostly for Lymphoma and Leukemia. Once Kolby was diagnosed he had a great outlook he told the doctor, “Now that you know what is wrong, and you said it is treatable and curable let’s get it done.” Kolby was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and on Thanksgiving Day we got to bring him home. Since then he has been in and out of the hospital for 2 to 3 week periods at a time.
In March of 2014 Fred, of Die Hard Gun Dogs reached out Kolby and offered him an English Pointer pup, which changed his hopes and dreams. The doctor’s had told Kolby that he may not be able to play golf for about 9 months due to the intense treatment. I have always told Kolby if you feel like playing then “get it done”, whether it was 1 hole to 18 holes, or just chipping and putting. I can remember the day when Kolby was sent a picture of the puppy, Kolby was at the U.C Davis Hospital due to a virus and high fever. When I received the picture and showed it to Kolby he had a smile from ear to ear and asked “is that my puppy?” I told him it was one from the litter and he would be able to pick one out of this litter. Kolby proceeded to tell every Nurse and Doctor on the floor, and then some, that he was getting a new puppy. He would tell me to show everyone the picture and proceed to tell them how he is going to get pick of the litter. Everyone loved seeing the puppies and the joy it would bring Kolby.
I remember the day Kolby picked Oakley out, her eyes were still closed and Kolby was not feeling the best, but he was there. I would ask to hold her, but I could only do so for a minute because she would whine and cry until Kolby took her back. Oakley loves Kolby and vice-versa they are a pair to die for. Die Hard Gun Dogs have not only donated a puppy to Kolby but have also provided him with a Hunting Vest from the Wilderness Pack Specialties in Klamath Falls Oregon and provided him with training and dog handling techniques.
We cannot thank Die Hard Gun Dogs enough for their valuable time, compassion, support and being a major role in Kolby’s recovery. We will never be able to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of the friendship and support.

The Loflin’s
Kenny, Terrie, Kolby and Kendahl (Oh Yeah, Oakley 2014)

Fred and Jen,
Ilene and I can't thank you enough for the training you have done with Olive,
You guys have worked miracles with her, we were about to give up before you took her, she is amazing and we are so excited,
I can't tell enough people ,the Great work you've done with our young English Pointer that I was counting out,
Your expertise , professionalism and integrity with us , is the best I've seen around the country , Thank you for being Great at training our dog and training us too.

Kip and Ilene Burns

MY NAME IS JERRY FALKENSTEIN and I am sharing the following because after thirty plus years of participating in a variety of pointing dog activities and judging N.S.T.R. and A.K.C.pointing dog trials I have come across a couple of purest(Fred & Jennifer Bird) who own and operate DIEHARD GUNDOGS who HAVE DEDICATED THEMSELVES to the pointing dog "World". All of their decisions are determined by what is best for the dogs and not what is best for me.

Jennifer is a tireless worker who is always searching pedigrees to find the best breeding combination to improve their kennels breeding program and her work is reflected in the success of the dogs produced at Diehard kennels. Not only are the dogs very representative of the breed, they have excelled as wild bird hunters and in completion. Much to her credit Jennifer trains, hunts and handles her dogs herself and has produced some of the best English Pointers in the area while always being available to help out where needed with club activities.

I have had a number of dogs over the years of various pointing breeds which I have trained myself. Two years ago, I purchased a nice puppy bitch out of their breeding. Annie is one of the best looking and stylish pointers that I have owned and is proof that beauty can have brains. The Birds are not afraid to sell a puppy that most breeders would keep for themselves. and are always available to help someone with their dog-:)

The Birds Are Just GOOD People And a Credit to the dog world.